Gain market access
in three easy steps:


Enter your products

Identify which products or sales bundles you will be marketing


your markets

Include all countries of sale
in the evaluation


Answer guided questions

Assess and obtain all relevant product marks via our guided questionnaire


Receive updates automatically and simplify your product compliance process

Upload your product data, identify your marks and receive timely automated updates as labeling requirements relevant to your products and sales bundles change or are amended.

oOKAPI Creator will be launched soon and will enable you to preview and customize your overall product label including all your required markings to match your individual product and packaging.

As oOKAPI user you will receive for all products which have been previously entered into the solution

comprehensive “info cards” outlining labeling requirements (“what”, “where” and “how”) including corresponding design options (e. g. size, dimension and colors);

relevant vector graphics as downloads;

extensive data grids outlining environmental information obligations.


Book a demo

Book your personal demo session and learn how oOKAPI can simplify your product labeling process.

How it works

oOKAPI contributes to the secure and uninterrupted market access of your products by simplifying your product compliance process.

Never face unexpected product labelling or information requirements again! Upload your product data to oOKAPI, identify your relevant markets, answer a few guided questions and you will receive comprehensive, operational and up-to-date information and data on the environmental marks required for your products and on the information to be communicated within your supply chain.

Before you start with your first product entries, our product labelling experts will provide you with a personal onboarding session, supporting you in navigating the platform. Ongoing support is available to help you with your technical or requirements-related needs.

Your Access to OOKAPI SAAS Solution

Individual and personal support

Whether you need support with technical aspects of using the oOKAPI SAAS-solution or help during the three-step assessment (enter products, select markets and answer questions), you will have access to our team of highly qualified, experienced experts.

+49 (0) 7031 2090 790

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