Environmental labeling obligations and -restrictions along the entire product lifecycle.

DESIGN & MANUFACTURING Environmental material composition requirements and substance restrictions.
USE & MAINTENANCE Environmentally relevant product characteristics, such as energy and material consumption, durability, or reparability.
RECYCLING & DISPOSAL End-of-life-related labelling requirements, e.g. recyclability or allocation to specific waste streams.​

Available product groups

Select and combine oOKAPI modules to build your tailored solution

Each module allows you to ensure compliance with mandatory environmental labeling requirements for your product group in your target markets – and keeps you updated on changed or new requirements automatically!


Module EEE

The module “EEE” covers environmental labelling obligations and restrictions for a wide variety of electrical and electronic equipment. Whether your product is an electrical appliance for professional or for use in private households, whether manufactured in the EU or imported, the EEE module allows you to ensure compliance with mandatory environmental labeling requirements for devices.


Module B&A

The module “B&A” covers environmental labeling requirements as well as restrictions for batteries and accumulators. From small button cells and portable batteries of different chemical systems to large industrial storage devices, the B&A module enables you to identify mandatory environmental labels required for your batteries and accumulators.


Module PACK

For sales-, grouped- and transport packaging of different materials and material combinations, the module “PACK” identifies mandatory legal environmental labels required for your packaging and packaged sales units. The module “PACK” covers environmental labeling requirements as well as restrictions for packaging either:
  • as a stand-alone solution for packaging that can be used for a variety of products (e. g. cardboard box), or​
  • as part of the models “EEE” and “B&A” for packaging of electrical and electronic equipment and/or batteries and accumulators (including sales units consisting of such products). ​

Sales bundles

The combination of different products into sales units may result in additional or modified labeling requirements for the boxed products and/or their packaging. Thus, oOKAPI allows you to identify and create sales bundles within the system, for example by combining electrical and electronic devices with accumulators and their sales packaging materials. oOKAPI will identify and outline any environmental marks which result from your sales bundle, including the information on whether the labeling is required on the products and/or the outer packaging.

markets and regions

Secure market access
for your products and mitigate any risks

The number of different mandatory environmental marks worldwide applicable to products has increased significantly in recent years, leading to a complex and, at times, confusing situation for both, market participants and consumers.

In addition to legal labeling requirements, voluntary but also not standardized environment-related product labels are being used increasingly.

However, with respect to legally compliant and marketable labelling, three aspect are crucial for a clear communication to customers:

the identification of mandatory environmental product marks;

the identification of problematic or even prohibited environmental labels;

the reliable updating of continuously changing requirements.

oOKAPI offers a user-friendly and reliable digital solution
for the following markets and regions:

map eu

EU Countries

Compliance with environmental labeling requirements for your products is mandatory for the EU market - and customers are increasingly basing their purchasing decisions on environmental aspects of products. At the same time, product marks with messages on products’ environmental impact are subject to increasingly complex and ever-changing legal requirements.

oOKAPI covers your environmental product labeling for the entire EU - including specific national particularities and local requirements of individual Member States.

map europa


Compliance with environmental product labelling requirements is also a must-have in order to enter the market in several countries outside the EU. As there is no common market, the requirements vary from country to country.

oOKAPI covers the requirements in several geographies in “Europe”, including Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Iceland as well as Turkey.​


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