Environmental product labeling & information –
A solution for complex marking obligations.



Identify the required environmental marks and applicable information obligations individually for your products



Manage the different market access requirements specifically relevant for your products in your sales countries



Keep your product marks up-to-date with changed and new requirements and do not miss any information obligations

Secure and maintain market access for your products with a smart and comprehensive cloud-based platform for managing complex mandatory environmental labeling and information requirements.


The multi-layered and complex nature of environmental product marking requirements and the extensive number and character of product environmental product information which needs to be communicated within the supply chain, make it challenging for manufacturers, importers and sellers of products to comply with applicable regulations. As such obligations keep changing and expanding with increased frequency and speed, market actors are confronted with new challenges continuously.


oOKAPI is a cloud-based solution, allowing you to identify, manage and update environmental markings required for the marketing of your products. In addition, you can access and maintain an overview on environmental product information which you need to communicate proactively. Benefit from automated updates aligning your product marks with the most current requirements of your target markets.

Product labeling

Simplify and future-proof your compliance process for environmental product marks and information

Keep ahead of changing and upcoming product labeling and information requirements and avoid manually matching your products with regulatory requirements in your sales markets. oOKAPI helps you to avoid market access risks related to non-compliant product marking or missing communication of environmental information by keeping you informed and updated.


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